Prince Harry visits UNICEF’s Emergency Operation Centre

During a visit to New York this week, Prince Harry visited UNICEF Emergency Operations Centre in New York today. The visit enabled the Prince to gain a better understanding of how geospatial mapping is used to coordinate relief and rescue after a disaster and gain a deeper understanding of the effect of emergencies on children globally.

As patron of charity Map Action, Prince Harry takes a keen interest in how humanitarian organizations work in emergencies all over the world. The Prince was invited to visit UNICEF, meet key staff and see how the world’s leading UN organization for children, UNICEF, operates in global emergencies.

During his visit, Prince Harry saw some of the emergency supplies UNICEF sends out all over the world to help children caught up in crises, including the ‘School in a box’; a hardy box full of all the equipment needed to give forty children an education in an emergency setting.

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