Testing and treatment - for Malaria

Because not everyone with malaria immediately displays the symptoms, or may not come forward for medical help, the risk of transmission can be high – but hunting the malaria parasite means that infected patients can receive treatment quickly, helping to eliminate the disease.

“Using bed nets and spraying against mosquitoes all bring the caseload down to a low point – but at that stage you have to focus on finding the parasite and wiping it out before it can be transmitted again,” says UNICEF Malaria Officer Bill Hawley, who leads the organization’s malaria programme in Indonesia.

“Sabang is the first district in Indonesia to take on this approach, with a clear focus on tracing the parasite through universal testing, and then treating carriers before the disease can be spread by another mosquito,” he notes. “Ultimately, this is going to make malaria a thing of the past.”

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