Over 500,000 IKEA SUNNAN Lamps purchased and matched for donations to children in India and Pakistan

The sunshine story continues. Since the IKEA SUNNAN campaign began June 1, 2009, over 500,000 lamps have been sold and matched for donations to either UNICEF or Save the Children. These solar powered lamps have already started to be distributed to children in India and Pakistan to help them read, write and study after dusk. The IKEA SUNNAN campaign matches every sale of a SUNNAN lamp for donation to either UNICEF or Save the Children.

"Millions of children can't draw, write, or read after sunset, limiting their horizons and possibly their futures," said Marianne Barner, head of IKEA Social Initiative. "We hope our lamps are a small but important contribution to improving the lives of children in developing countries."

The first donation of SUNNAN lamps received by UNICEF recently arrived in Pakistan. UNICEF deployed the donation to the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) where unrest had led to substantial internal displacement leaving hundreds of thousands living in IDP camps and temporary shelters; all in need of humanitarian assistance. The second lot of SUNNAN lamps is on the way to Pakistan and is destined to support communities in Balochistan living without electricity. UNICEF is also currently identifying the needs of communities in India and China for future donations. Additionally, shipments have been sent to Save the Children for donations to children in the cotton districts in Maharashtra, India.

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