UNICEF and World Food Programme chiefs visit Pakistan's flood-stricken Punjab province

In a show of support for the victims of flooding in Pakistan, UNICEF and World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Directors Anthony Lake and Josette Sheeran visited the agencies’ humanitarian operations in the Muzzafargarh district of Punjab, one of the worst-affected
provinces of the country.

In the village of Gujrat, the two agency heads visited a girls’ high school that had been transformed into an emergency relief centre for hundreds of families – mainly women and children – who had fled the rising water with little but the clothes they were wearing.

Despite the searing heat, the incessant swarming of flies and severe crowding at the school, families arriving there could finally rest. They received much-needed health and nutrition assistance and gathered their strength after days trudging along roads or wading through dangerous floodwaters.

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