UNICEF supports emergency education for children displaced by floods in Pakistan

Over the past several weeks, monsoon floods in Pakistan have displaced millions and destroyed or damaged some 1.8 million homes and over 9,000 schools. The latest UN estimates place the total number of people affected at 20.5 million – including, of course, millions of vulnerable children and women.

Describing the crisis as a "children’s emergency," UNICEF and its partners have taken steps to provide these children with a safe and supportive environment. To that end, temporary learning and recreational centres are being set up in each camp for people displaced by the floods.
There are now more than 200 such centres across the country, with a total enrolment exceeding 20,000. In addition, 153 static and 22 mobile child-friendly spaces have been established, providing more than 34,000 children with educational and recreational support in flood-affected areas.
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