On the first day of school, UNICEF provides support for earthquake-affected children in Haiti

For thousands of temporary residents of the Primature displacement camp in the Haitian capital, yesterday’s routine began as it has every day since the earthquake struck here in January. But for others, there was one major difference: It was a school day.

Judeline, 6, has been living with her mother, brother and cousin in a tent on the muddy slope of Primature since the quake destroyed their house and her father was killed. For Judeline, yesterday marked an important new start, as she went off to school in the morning for the first time.
“Going back to school is symbolic today,” said UNICEF Representative in Haiti Françoise Gruloos-Ackermans. “This is the future of the country, and I am very happy because all the donors and partners – bilateral, multilateral – we are all together in this battle, because this is a real battle.”
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