Zimbabwe water and sanitation sector to receive a boost

In a collective move to avert the recurrence of waterborne diseases and rehabilitate the country’s water, sanitation and hygiene sector, the Inclusive Government of Zimbabwe today announced the rejuvenation of the National Action Committee (NAC), an inter-ministerial committee charged with overall coordination of the sector.
Zimbabwe’s water supply and sanitation services, once a source of national pride, have suffered a major collapse in both urban and rural areas which contributed to the 2008/2009 cholera epidemic that claimed more than 4,000 lives. According to UNICEF/WHO figures 83 per cent of Zimbabweans have access to improved water and 40 per cent had access to improved sanitation.
Yet in recent years, the combination of aging equipment, lack of regular power to operate water pumps and a shortage of skilled technicians to manage repairs has caused taps in urban areas to often run dry and left millions of people without access to a regular supply of safe water.
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