UNICEF expands response to cholera outbreak in Haiti

cholera-response-in-haitiUNICEF is mobilizing all its staff and resources in an effort to stem the spread of cholera in Haiti, and warned today that with 50 per cent of the population under 18 years, large numbers of children are affected.
"We are working closely with communities and our partners to contain the latest outbreaks of cholera. Our biggest fear is that it will spread through the rural and remote areas, Port au Prince slums and camps, as well as schools and residential care centers across the country where it will be difficult to fight the disease," said Francoise Gruloos-Ackermans, UNICEF Representative in Haiti.
From the beginning, UNICEF has been aware of the needs of rural communities and deployed emergency teams in these areas. UNICEF’s concern is to reach children living in remote areas and in the overpopulated slums of Port au Prince.
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