UNICEF focuses response on children in storm-ravaged Haiti

UNICEF teams are in the field and in Port-au-Prince conducting assessments and preparing to deploy supplies and human resources in addition to those already prepositioned to respond to emergency needs in hardest-hit areas following the passage of Hurricane Tomas.
“Our immediate goal is to assess the impacts of the storm and prioritize our response and coordination efforts to ensure access to adequate sanitation, safe water, and basic health care,” said Ms. Francoise Gruloos-Ackermans, UNICEF Representative in Haiti.
“It is also imperative in responding to emergencies such as this that separated and unaccompanied children, who are most at risk during emergencies, are protected and reunited with their families,” added Ms. Gruloos-Ackermans, who assessed the hurricane-stricken area of Jérémie at the south western tip of Haiti.
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