UNICEF Executive Director visits cholera-impacted residents at Haiti Treatment Centre

During a visit to the Haitian capital yesterday, Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, spoke with cholera patients and heard firsthand their concerns.
The visit took place at the GHESKIO Cholera Treatment Centre (CTC) in an impoverished area of the city. Lake also met with His Eminence Bishop Pierre-Andre Dumas, Coordinator of ‘Religion for Peace’ an organization that is mobilizing Catholics, Protestant, and Voodoo religious communities throughout Haiti to support cholera prevention and healthcare practices.
Lake’s visit to Port-au-Prince was made in support of the UN community’s response to cholera, and Haitians themselves in their actions against the disease. The cholera epidemic, which emerged just two months ago, continues to spread throughout Haiti. It is now claiming lives in all 10 administrative departments.
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