In India, Empowering young girls through adolescent clubs to avoid early marriage

Rumi(13years old) from adolescent girls club

DIBRUGARH, India, 13 April 2011- After attending adolescent girls’ club in their local village, Rumi Hemrom (aged 13) and her friend- Seema (aged 14) has developed a good friendship which helped alter the Seema’s life. Seema’s parents were planning an early arranged marriage for her and hearing this, Rumi and other members of the club members of the club meet her parents constantly in the effort to stop the early marriage. Finally, they persuaded Seema’s parents to marry her until she is ready both physically and emotionally for marriage. Rumi said “Now it’s not our time to get married. We’ll not get to play. We’ll not get to go to school.”

UNICEF’s primarily concentrates on the growth and rights of many billion children around the globe aged 10 to 19. UNICEF’s is trying to bring out the adolescents’ fight against poverty, inequality and gender discrimination.

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