UNICEF along with its partner attends the needs of children displaced by Sudan’s Abyei Crisis

A lot of humanitarian is on the go to southern Sudan as many have displaced from that place due to the recent conflict in the disputed territory of Abyei between the Sudan Armed forces and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA). Children are mainly affected due to this clash and are compelled to leave the place as the situation does not favor children’s safety. UNICEF and partners have a played a vital role in addressing the needs of the displaced children by giving them proper food, clean water, hygienic environment to stay, education and child protection services to take care of the vulnerable children and their families.

Dr. Yasmin Haque, Director for UNICEF Southern Sudan Area Programme says “UNICEF has been at the forefront of the response and has swiftly activated its contingency plan for addressing the humanitarian needs of people, particularly children and women, affected by this crisis.”

The delivering this humanitarian aid is a big problem as they have poor transportation facility in Sudan. UNICEF Sudan Representative Nils Kastberg says “This is not going to be easy and it’s probably not going to be quick. Given the likely evolution of the situation, we are looking at a necessary response over a minimum of six months. But this is the sort of challenge that UNICEF and its partners have confronted in many parts of the world, including Sudan, in order to meet the vital needs of children and women affected by crisis. And we will do so again”.

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