Santa won't bother going to poor countries for Christmas this year

Santa don’t mind going to poor countries this year, so the United Nations Children's Fund will go instead -- or at least that's the message behind a satirical new UNICEF advertisement released in Sweden.

In a sometimes confusing and grammatically questionable rant, Santa then explains why health care doesn't make for good Christmas presents.

"This isn’t a Christmas gift. So, you buy this product for your friend, and all this stuff goes to poor kids? Like in Africa?" Santa asks, before skeptically examining a vaccine bottle with a magnifying glass, shaking a bottle of pills and squirting the contents of a syringe into the air. The Santa depicted in the commercial doesn't care much for the accompanying Christmas cards either. While holding up a card branded with the UNICEF trademark, Santa stated, "What am I supposed to say when I hand this out? Ho! Ho! Ho! Here's your picture of the gift you never got?".

"I don't do poor countries," Santa says in a villainous tone.The commercial closes with a written message from UNICEF saying "We go where Santa doesn't -- Buy your Christmas gifts at"UNICEF's stocking stuffers include malaria tablets, rehydration bags and polio vaccines.

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