UNICEF: Offering Humanitarian Support to Pakistan

For 2013, United Nations Children Fund has planned to continue supporting humanitarian support in Pakistan in coordination with the government, other UN agencies and non-governmental organizations in order to respond to the needs of the millions of children and women affected by lack of confidence and floods. 

According to UNICEF’s Humanitarian Action for Children, 2013, the organization will deliver an integrated package of maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition services at the community level.

All through the current year, UNICEF is to provide water, sanitation and hygiene services to 1.5 million people in the affected areas, to make sure the supply of lifesaving drinking water and reduce the risk of water-related diseases throughout hygiene promotion.

In addition, as Pakistan is prone to recurrent natural disasters, emergency preparedness activities and response in 2013 will be of supreme importance, and must include efforts to strengthen pliability though national capacity development and attentiveness.

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