Call centre responds to needs of separated children in Haitian quake zone

“Hello, Separated Children Call Centre, how can I help you?” an operator asked. “Where exactly did you say the child is currently? He is at the health Centre? Did the child come by himself or was he brought in by someone? Thank you for calling – we will dispatch two case workers who will arrive at the centre in 30 minutes.”

The Separated Children Call Centre was set up immediately following the 12 January earthquake in Haiti in order to address the situation of children separated from their families. The emergency made it is imperative to identify, register and document both unaccompanied and separated children as quickly as possible.

UNICEF jointly leads this effort with its partners Save the Children, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Rescue Committee. UNICEF Haiti’s Child Protection Programme also has over 10 local partners working on family tracing.

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