Child Brides Flogged After Trying To Run From Forced Marriages

The latest video that has been released this week was recorded by one of the girl’s tormentors and taken to the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission by one sympathizer.

The girls aged 13 and 14 were married underage and were reportedly trying to run away from their old husbands who were forcing them to have sex. They disguised themselves as boys and did their best to reach the check point.

The cops who intercepted them at the check point sent them back to their husbands in spite of knowing their story and what punishment awaits them. The teenage girls were repeatedly whipped by their elderly in what seemed an excruciating video to watch.

A UNICEF study between the years 2000 and 2008 revealed that more than 43% of women in Afghanistan were married underage and some of them even before reaching puberty. Flogging which is also illegal in Afghanistan is a common practice by the self-appointed moral police in the form of kangaroo courts.

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