UP is home to 20 per cent of India’s child labourers

It is indeed a matter of grave concern that 20 per cent (1,927,997 to be exact) of India’s total (12,666,377) child labour force lives in Uttar Pradesh. It is a fact that there is no dearth of grants, aid, projects and schemes for creating a child-labour-free state and yet, instead of declining, the percentage of child labour is growing by leaps and bound in the state.

Children, it seems have never been on the priority list of the state government. No wonder that when other states have had a Commission for children for years Uttar Pradesh still does not have a Commission for the Protection of Child rights. It is also often observed that important functionary; including ministers of concerned department always avoid attending children-centric functions. It is never a clear cut no, just a last minute ditch with some lame excuse.

Students of Amity mass communication, Lucknow, also did not lack behind in creativity - they displaced 100 odd frames of black and white photographs showing children at work.

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