Protecting Children from Life-threatening Diseases | UNICEF Vaccination Programme

UNICEF is preparing ambitious plans for children’s, strengthen and vastly expand its global vaccination programme. Protecting children’s from dangerous diseases is the vital ambition of UNICEF.

Vaccination has always been at the heart of UNICEF’s mission. Protecting children from life-threatening diseases is one of the most effective ways to ensure they have the chance to reach their full potential.

UNICEF is an influential part of the world vaccine market. In 2010, it supplied vaccines worth $757 million. Yet, it is taking a critical look at its role in immunization, and is gearing up to triple its capacity over the next five years.

UNICEF Chief of Immunization Jos Vandelaer said “We need to strengthen what we do, so that the role that we and governments play in delivering immunization is much more solid”.

UNICEF’s immunization programme draws together various aspects of public health programmes – from a monitoring and supply system to the storage and delivery of vaccines and 10the training of health workers.

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