UNICEF’s Massive Polio Immunization Campaign

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow recently visited Chad to attend the launch of a massive polio immunization campaign and to raise awareness of the importance of ending polio transmission once and for all.

During her trip, Ms. Farrow visited Massi Hassan, who was being fitted with a plastic and steel brace. A few months ago, Massi had been a healthy and mobile child, but a recent bout of polio has left her paralyzed. Just seven years old, she'll never again be able to walk without the brace.

Maimounna Mahamat, Massi's mother, stroked her daughter's hair during the fitting. She hadn’t even heard of polio before her daughter became infected.

“It got so bad that she couldn't walk anymore and had to crawl to get anywhere,” Ms. Mahamat said.

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