UNICEF study shows the social networking lifestyle of youth

According to the UNICEF study, the parent’s opinion is that their sons or daughters are possibly typing away on their cell phones, on South Africa’s largest social network – MXit. The increase of the mobile internet in South Africa means that more people, particularly youth, are using social networks as key tools in their individuality configuration.

Africa is currently the world’s fastest growing market for mobile communications, faces food crisis and right to use information technology is necessary for financial, social, cultural and political growth in today’s world.

The high frequency with which MXit users are interacting with strangers, highlights the require for parents, organizations working with children and peer-groups to connect with youthful citizens concerning the possible risks of the digital world and how to avoid them.

Social medium and mobile phones have also complete young people susceptible to new means of bullying or maltreatment. MXit is dedicated to ensuring the security of its users by moderating chartrooms creating age boundaries on content and features making the reporting of mistreatment simple and working with the authorities whenever essential.

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