UNICEF: Web 2.0 to dual Video Views

Stephen Cassidy of UNICEF had previously posted 2-3 minute videos on the UNICEF home page but required to spread them virally.

Cassidy with his panel installed videos on YouTube and videos of Google Yahoo, AOL blinkx, and Truveo. Vital to the video success was with suitable titles and tags.

For UNICEF's MySpace page, the society just jumped in with no much of a plan. The plan was to study and then utilize those facts later to promote the page. 

A significant part of the MySpace success is the regular updating done by UNICEF. They post to the blog regularly and upload new videos and podcasts each week. 

Cassidy points out that as the demographic of MySpace is young, his team worked very hard at not sounding like a stuffy, institutional, old-fashioned organization preaching top down.

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