Don't marginalize children with disabilities: Unicef

State of the world's children report highlights alarming link between disability and undernourishment ahead of UK hunger apex. Michael Hosea, a Tanzanian who was born in 1995 with albinism, provides a stark instance of the prejudices people with disabilities face. In Tanzania, practitioners of witchcraft chase and kill albino public to use their hair, body parts and organs. 

Still it is illegal to kill people with albinoism, it still happens. Hosea's family had to flee their home, travelling more than 500km after they were warned that he and his two albino siblings were to be killed. 

After finding out that the family had fled, the people who came looking for them went to their next-door neighbor, a local albino envoy, and cut off his arms, departure him to die. The report said there is little precise data on the number of children with disabilities, what disabilities these children have, and how disabilities influence their lives.

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