UNICEF’s Story in 2012 - Unremitting Efforts for World's Most Susceptible Children

According to UNICEFs Annual Report 2012.n spite of financial concerns in much of the world and complex emergencies affecting children in nearly 80 countries in 2012, global progress was still made for millions of children last year. Emergencies conquered headlines in 2012 and the report notes that the association and its partners responded to 286 humanitarian situations in 79 countries.

Therapeutic feeding programmers for more than 2.1 million severely underfed children under the age of five. Measles immunization for nearly 44 million children up to the age of 15. In April 2012, UNICEF launched an international social media campaign, Sahel. NOW, that drove consciousness and coverage to the awaiting nutrition crisis in the region.

The horrific disagreement in Syria demanded a particular effort; UNICEF helped give access to uninterrupted education for nearly 80,000 children affected by the conflict, supported measles vaccination for more than 1.4 million children and provided psychosocial care for an estimated 47,000 children.

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